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My Country, My Kitchen: Global Filipino?

28 Mar

It’s just really sad. That with hundreds of million of Filipino OFWs worldwide, our cuisine ain’t really in the map, so to speak.
Kudos to the chefs of Cendrillon that have at least managed to get some of our flavors and food across to a global scene. And I think it’s amazing how they managed to make it seem authentic Filipino and avant-garde at the same time. Meaning the Filipino flavors are the same, but the applications are different. Think ube-crepes for lumpiang sariwa wrapping.

Our food is glorious and diverse. Global nga!

  • I find it amazing that after living in the Philippines, my whole life, I am finally cooking my country’s dishes, one by one. And having never cooked them before (but having eaten  it all my life), I’m glad that I’m giving it my own spin.

But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t cooked much “real” Filipino food. 

Seriously, I’d like to be one of the purveyors of Global Filipino Cuisine. I think it makes sense, because incidentally, the Filipino is global, and we’re like master adapters and we manage to feel at home, wherever we are. But I don’t believe in using non-Filipino flavors in it. I just don’t think of it. I’d like to go the Cendrillon route and just you know, use Filipino flavors in different applications in Filipino cooking.

(But it would sure be nice to be like Reynold and  strive to master authentic Filipino cuisine. Ferr real, I hope he brings me along. Seriously, I’ve been thinking that all we need is to fancy things up–which we can! )

*Obviously, I’m a big fan of Chef Romy Dorotan, and I want to  eat his food sometime soon.  

*The reason for this post is that I got jealous when they featured Jamaica and I saw a coconut. Reminded me that we should have one of the top chefs do that show and come back here… A Filipino should go and open a restaurant in New York or in Los Angeles. I hope it’ll compete with the Spago-s, Babbo-s, and whatnots. Seriously, someone should do to the Filipino cuisine, what Wolfgang Puck has done to Austrian cuisine, and whatnot. 

On that note, everyone should get Memoirs of Philippine Kitchens, I think it’s a good book to make you realize how fuckingly yummy Filipino food is.

You know the funny part? I recently found out that one of the leading fastfood chains of Texas bbq was started and owned by a Filipino company in the states. Why not just do a pinoy style something there? That’s my thought.

 We need more Mrs. Daza’s in this world. I still remember reading her cookbooks and wishing I could cook.


Shortbread cookies!

28 Mar

The start of it all.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t really thrilled with the results, taste wise.

It needs a lot. I need to get better, like sobra.

That’s why, I’m really entertaining the idea of the Maldives thing. Just because it seems like there, I can concentrate on becoming better. Like to concentrate on solely getting better at pastry/cuisine, or whatever.

Not to mention the fortuneteller did tell me that if I left the country for work, I would be like uber successful–-like the shit. Of which I really believe, I would be. But the fact of moving away from home and leaving my family and my dog is like driving me bonkers.

But if the hotel does call me, I’ll prolly give it a good question  mark in my brain and do it. I’m leaning towards it and surely it scares me shitless.

The greatest fear is that I’ll go island crazy and just I dunno jump into the ocean and swim back the Philippines kebs sa shark infested waters of the Indian Ocean.

Ahaha, hopefully, all will be better and happy and whatever. And not to mention, I believe that the salary may not be up to par. Sana, by some miracle. And I’ve often wondered why I didn’t want to go overseas. Hmm, maybe because I’m content? But I think it’s fear.

So since this is fearless year, CALL MALDIVES and LET’S GET IT ON. But I still can’t imagine New Year’s  and not cooking the dinner.

Still no  schedule yet with the culinary chuva, although I have blocked my vacation dates t May 8-11, 2008 bound for Cebu! I will so culinary tour it there, with maximum control. Seriously, the thought of the lechon de leche that my mom is currently taking home from Cebu is enough to make me vomit. And that’s why I haven’t had my dinner yet, I want to vomit with the thought of Cebu lechon (Note to all Cebuanos: I am not saying that Lechon de Cebu is not uber wow. It is. But a bad case of acid reflux after eating the lechon, has made me UBER wary, and I mean UBER.)

Pictures of the shortbread are below:

*and yes, I need help on the piping. Weh.

BOOK COVERS: French Women Don’t Get Fat

17 Mar

I’m late. I know I’m late.

I should have read this a long time ago.

The undercover chef is getting her sexy back. And I think I could work with this.

I’ve decided to make her leak soup this coming holyweek, just to get the whole thing going.

I like the book, because it’s about food and eating the food you want in MODERATION.

It’s all about the control.

I haven’t finished reading it. But it’s a process. I’m going through it. A few months further, I’ll tell you if it’s successful.

of lease service agreements

17 Mar

I’ve been given a lease service agreement to be a chef-on-call. Although most people were like–are you okay on being a chef-on-call? They get suprised when I say that I wanted it that way.

That I have lotsa stuff to do, and I’m really really thinking that this on-call thing would be a great way to practice and improve on what I know on having to run a kitchen.

I heard they were closing a deal today, 1,000 pax about 1M total budget (location rental and food), I hope I get at least 5,000-10,000 pesos out of that ei?

here’s to happy starts.

I’ve also decided to reiterate the following to myself:

1. Bakery 33

2. Sticky rice


Will make at least 3 if not all of that 3 happen this year.

I will do it! Go Chef Joko!  Most of my weekends are not available, as I’d be cooking.

As I told Mr. Sison when he interviewed me for the Heny Sison job. Working holidays and  weekends are the things I don’t enjoy, but I except. So here i am excepting.

Schedule the cebu trip! now na!

I officially can be called a CHEF now.

15 Mar

 But still undercover. I’m a chef-on-call for Kidzworld now.

I’m going to head their kitchen for events and other things.

I’m going to be running a kitchen! I’m going to be cooking!


Major gripes in the finances department there. I can’t believer the fact that I’m having a hard time getting someone to pay up. Gah, this is not worth it. Basically, it’s a search for all the best people and eating and whatever.

I can’t imagine all the dramarama. I’m a kick-ass business person.

Kakaririn ko na ang cookie business. bow.

Shortbread cookies

9 Mar

Basically, I tested the shortbread cookie recipe that I found and tweaked. It looks good and tastes good, I have some issues with being smoother, but that’s my fault because I suck at hurriedly rolling out dough.

So here are the cookies after being baked:

Then, i made the frosting. I found this powdered sugar frosting recipe and I used it. It was okay, but was frustrating for what I had in mind. And I felt like a stupid amateur making these, gah, I haven’t frosted/decorated something for so long. I wonder if I even know how to pipe now. (No pictures of the things, because I hated them.)

I’m making royal icing next or actually for this particular project, we’ll go with a fondant, since I think I need to stamp a design onto a fondant and even royal icing wouldn’t look good with this one. Now, how to stamp…
Gah, my last foray into fondant icing was laughable. Seriously, parang kinakarir ko na itong pastry ah.

I’ve decided to sell these products, as soon as maging masipag ako enough to cost everything down.Weh, I even made a multiply blog! ahaha, dun na lang daw, although I do own, but yeah, good luck.

Note to self:

March 13 is the bakery thing I’m going to attend and hopefully it will rock. Monday is the final interview for the Dasmarinas chef job, may it be flexitime and may it be Monday-Fridays only, and may the pay be good. Bala na ang batman. The universe is throwing stuff at me left and right, good thing I have big arms. 🙂

I’m also trying to join a writing contest, it’s frustrating the hell out of me. But hopefully may mapiga sa utak ko. It’s funny how my writing style just isn’t as coherent as it was back then. I was the queen of feature writers for a year in my district, then I sucked at regionals because I wasn’t in the mood. Gah, I need to get my groove back!

Bakasyon na!


Recipes Below:

Shortbread cookies from Best Recipes’ website



butter, softened







1 3/4


all purpose flour

Process: Mix everything up. Freeze, roll out. Bake at a 350F or 180C oven for about 8-20 minutes depending on how really frozen your dough is. * I added vanilla extract because it seems like a good idea, 1/4 tsp.

I found this frosting recipe in McCormick:

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
3 1/2 teaspoons milk
1/4 teaspoon McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
OR McCormick® Pure Almond Extract
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
McCormick® Assorted Food Colors & Egg Dye
OR McCormick® Assorted NEON! Food Colors & Egg Dye
OR McCormick® Black Food Color

Process: Basically mix everything together, until it melts and is a shiny happy thing. Add more light corn syrup if you want it runnier, or add more Powdered sugar if you want it less runny. 🙂

*This would be perfect for a carrot cake. Yummy!


6 Mar

I just realized this thing.

I don’t have endurance.

I have passion, but I don’t have endurance.

It’s a bad failing.

I will get this endurance, even if I have to kick my own butt towards my goals.


That is, I didn’t go to the final interview for the chef position. I didn’t, and it’s sad, but I didn’t.  But not because of Endurance. It was because I really couldn’t stomach working for somebody else.

Come 13, i’ll be attending a bakery management thing. I will do that. I will make my own store/thing this year. Or else.
As for the lugaw concept, it’s really this close to getting scrapped.

I have a new concept. Yun nga lang, more of money making and not artistic chuva.

I may be the APM or co-PM for UP LIVE AIDS SAMASKOM, but I’m still not sure, which. I don’t want to be PM, kasi it seems unfair to more deserving alumni and to the the org, dahil ayokong mangapa. I haven’t been to the LIVE AIDS world for a long long time. And I know I can rock, but yun lang nga, phasing.

I need a job, it seems, but hindi ko maisip kung what. Tinatamad akong magturo, kung di rin pagluluto. But then if the PM job does push through, I swear, malamang, I will be doing tutorial work in UP, just because I need to tell myself that I’m earning money.


Endurance is in.

FEARLESS nga dapat, I should have went for the PM position agad, pero it will happen, eventually.

Enihoodles. Kaya ng lahat basta sama-sama. bow.