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The Market Basket: Yacoon or Yacon

30 Apr

Yacon or Yacoon (as it was spelled in the cardboard sign at the Fruit Stand at the basement/lower ground of Powerplant) is a tuber that looks a lot like kamote, but tastes somewhat like a cross between an apple and a pear, with the juiciness of a singkamas/turnip and sorta like a sweet singkamas with a finish of lasang lupa–if I may be so blunt. But the lasang lupa doesn’t make it yucky to eat. It’ s now my favorite snack.

According to, the Yacon is a tuber originating from the Andes (maybe that’s why most local yacon are grown in Baguio..hmm) and it has many wonderful healing capabilities, including but not limited to it being an antioxidant, antibacterial, and it also increases the good bacteria in the intestine.

Of course after the whole GERD attack on my life, I’m all for my digestive system being all happy with good bacteria. Enihoo, I’ve eaten it before but didn’t really appreciated it. Now post Gerd, I’m thinking that it might be a permanent staple in my diet.

Oh wait, and it’s eaten raw by the way. Amazing! There’s nothing more amazing to me right now than eating a kamote like thing raw. Ahhehe.

We bought 39.5 kilos and basically wiped out the whole store’s supply for the day/week. Before any of you think that we’re going on a Yacon Healing Diet of some sort (which is not such a bad idea…), it was for the princess. The same princess that asked for 10-20 gallons of Ube Icecream. Yes. That princess.

And now, I’m having yacon for my lunch-dinner–awesome! So some of the healing properties would be: (this is taken verbatim, and please don’t hit me with a plagiarism suit and all.. the source is right up there!)

Yacon has a high concentration of fructooligosaccharides which has several health properties:

  1. Low sugar level

  2. Low caloric level

  3. Do not induce the development of cavities

  4. Favor the growth of beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium sp.) in the lower intestinal tract.

  5. Decrease cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Yacon is also considered as a source of dietary fiber which the following physiological effects:

  1. Satiety effect

  2. Decrease intestinal transit time.

  3. Decrease in constipation

  4. Decrease post-pandrial glucose level

  5. Maintenance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine

  6. Increase excretion of fat and protein

  7. May prevent colon cancer.

Indirectly by the consumption of yacon we may benefit from the following:

  1. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases due to decreased cholesterol absorption.

  2. Diabetes prevention due to decreased post-pandrial glucose level.

  3. Obesity prevention due low calories.

  4. Colon cancer prevention due to fructooligosaccharides and fiber

In a nutshell, it’s good for you. So, I’m going to keep on eating it. And just to be interesting, here’s some things that in my head you can do to this tuber:

– Rocket Salad with balasamic vinaigrette with candied yacoon, walnuts and oranges

– Chicken with yacoon stir-fry, with carrots, brocolli, oyster sauce

– Yacoon with Marshmallows

*in fairness exciting! ahaha, I like this exercise


I haven’t had a crush in Ages

24 Apr

Ever since the really awesome finale episode of Top Chef Season 3, I’ve been in deep crush with Rocco Dispirito.

Seriously never was interested in the blonde-blue-eyed types, but everytime I see him, I’m always aieee!!!!

Makes me want to be good enough to stage in his kitchen..ehem, if he had a kitchen. Which I hope he does have soon. I know uber disaster with the restaurant reality bit, but I’m enjoying him in Top Chef. Seriously, if I was one of the contestants in Top Chef 4 and Dispirito opens the door. I’d prolly seriously drool on the floor or melt.

Enihoo, is it just me or has be gotten hotter? I hated the way he looked in the cookbooks that I have of his. Seriously, I thought his flavors were nice and I like the way that he divides the taste, but I really didn’t think he was cute. Seriously.

Sort of got the surprise of my life when he walked out that cable car thing.


Who wouldn’t love this? Seriously??? look at this: rocco!

aiee, I wish I was his type.. Eherm, if he wasn’t gay.

Hmm, makes me want to marry someone blue-eyed and blond and says things like .. “his gnocchi isn’t the only thing dense” .

Ai. he makes me swoon!

Diet chef joko, diet!

The still to be revised plan that’s brewing

24 Apr
  • Going to the J1 route. Will be applying this May only, hopefully I will get in and spend the next year working/training in the states.
  • APTMINDS – Aprons for sale! Hopefully we can join that bazaar in May.
  • As you know, I’m the part-time chef for a club in Dasmarinas. For some reason, they stopped calling me. Shows a little bit of unprofessionalism in their part, as I was blatantly honest about what I wanted to do and the schedule that I could commit. I think they wanted a chef/sales person, and as I didn’t want to sell anything, I was put out to pasture without any words at all. Annoying as I was looking forward to cooking a bunch this summer.
  • After May 11, I’m going to apply for a sideline job hopefully teaching english to koreans or teaching something. The ideal would be for me to teach cooking, but how many openings are there? Well, I can always try and offer my services to my highschool alma mater? Right? Right?
  • Come June, all bets are off, and I’m going straight entrepreneurial whether it be food or for something else, todo na talga ito. If I can make a success, I can do it. Kebs na sa lousy economy, if you have a good product, you will survive, or if not (which I highly doubt) we can always chuck it to experience.
  • I’m giving the universe and me a deadline, because I need to get a moving. Seriously, I gotta get a moving.

And I realized that all my certificates (Mandarin, commercial baking, etc, etc are all missing. Good luck. I gotta find them!

The last baking endeavor

22 Apr

The last one was when I made my own version of a peanut-butter banana cheesecake that turned out more into a mousse. [Note to self: use less eggwhites/cream]. Although for me, it was okay for a first try, it could get better and should get better soon. Can’t post the exact recipe since it’s in progress yet. 🙂

A magazine also emailed me regarding a recipe I sent them. I hope that pushes through, masarap naman yon pagkinitchen test nila, and I want to be on a magazine. Shet, I need to lose weight.

Generally, I’ve been thinking a lot where to start again. Of course, the Maldives bit didn’t push thru because they were going to give us loose change. Hay.

2 companies have emailed me for jobs, but I know for sure they are for the middle east. One email came today for a telephone interview for another job, and I’m deciding I should call tomorrow.

I found a location facing east that’s vacant. Got me thinking again about what I should do with my plans. It’s so truly a mystery. Weh. If I see a vacant location in Alabang, i’ll be taking that as a sign.

We might be selling cool spiffy aprons soon. And I hope it does push through barring the full moon and my hormones.

I’m an undercover chef/reservations agent/dieter/COO.

I can tell you honestly that I can’t abide the thought of eating more meat without any kind of vegetable with it! Actually, I’d rather not eat at all if it ain’t yummy or nutritious. Too much meat/fat makes my Gerd act up. I’m turning healthy!

This chef’s gotta have her sexy back, as in.

Of Maldives and Chi-Chi Hotels

1 Apr

In my head, I’m thinking I should get a call right now. Suffice it to say, still no call. Although, it was said that they would call me. It’s a freaky thing.

One, the salary is very very small, as compared to what I’m presently raking in. And let me tell you my lifestyle ain’t  GRAND but a callcenter job or any job below20k will not feed me.

So, there’s this issue of should I do it vs. I shouldn’t.

I say do it. I’m going to do a Courtney Cox and say that, if it scares me: I’m going to do it. Just because it’s really somewhat amazing.

To get this far. I’m going to leave everything I know and everything that comforts me. I’m going to leave behind my comfort zone and it kills me, but I have to do this for myself.


I vow to just be awesome and move up, faster than you can say. Joko.


Ps. My culinary heroes right now are Chef ELIZABETH FALKER of Citizen Cake fame, and Chef Roy of Cendrillon. Suffice it to say, my goals in life include being the best that I can be in pastry, and inculcating that in cooking Filipino food. I seriously want to be one of the first people to make Filipino Food global. Bow.

I hope I can go back to this one day and rea;lize that it’s true.