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I don’t know

30 Jul

You know what? I really don’t know these days.

It seems like i’m having fun, but I’m just waiting for something and making it as an excuse. And that basically drives me nuts.

I gotta find something to do, foodwise. I can’t always be this way.

I want to be a chef dammit!


The Decision

9 Jul

This fast has really made stuff clear.

1) I want to be in a kitchen. I must be involved in food.

2) I want to be really good in PASTRY. I know I can cook, but I want to be really good in PASTRY too.

3)I am looking around for good places to put up a food business, and when I find it, I’m going to do it.

4)I hope I can get into that Florida job too in the states. I want to do it.

Things are weird right now in many parts of my life, but I’m fine, and I feel good.

I will get through this latest challenge. I know it.

Bless me.

Stephanie Won!!

9 Jul

I know—I’m late!
Finally, a WOMAN TOP CHEF!!!!

stephanie izard

Can’t wait to get my butt to ruins just to get me a copy of the complete season! I’m excited to see their finale dishes!!!

I can’t wait to get into a kitchen again and cook or bake! soon meyns. soon.

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