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Banapple Photos

7 Aug

Sorry that the photos are late. Here’s a collage of photos taken from my visit to banapple. Click on the photo for a better look.

1 Very Cute Lighting Fixtures

2 Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

3 Apple Crumble Pie, ala mode (Vanilla Ice Cream)

4 Banoffee Pie

5 The Banapple Logo

* Pictures 1 and 2 taken by Jany. Picture 3, taken by moi, and Pictures 4 and 5, taken by Marie.


I ate at Banapple Yesterday

2 Aug

I ate at banapple yesterday with a bunch of surfer friends. I had a hankering for ice cream and I had their apple crumble pie ala mode.

I understand why people like the place, it’s nice and homey (love the wall clock and the chandeliers) and I like their banoffee pie (this was good!) and old fashioned chocolate cake(which reminds me a little of a heavier chocolate kiss devil’s food cake with caramel in between the layers and ganache poured outside), better than I liked my apple pie. It was pretty ordinary to me (although it was good, don’t get me wrong).

I should have tried their other pies/cheesecakes and surely I will soon, as soon as I can drag somebody to take me to Katipunan! wahaha. πŸ™‚

Pictures that janny and I took of the cakes will follow. I just wanted to write my thoughts on what I ate, before it totally leaves my brain!)

* Banapple is very near the Five Forty Surf Co. (may sale sila ngayon ng T&C stuff too. wahaha) in Katipunan, across Freska. πŸ™‚