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21 Jan

As far being in my chef-y roots.
Here’s a quick update on what’s been up.
–> Decided to be a confectioner. Making toffee and truffles for personal consumption and for special orders only. Hopefully I can post some of the spiffy pictures, but yeah. I’ve been behind most of my schedule, which surely sucks, but yeah. There it is. Visit us at :

Yesterday, almost finished a whole bottle of wine by myself. God, I miss wine. I miss it very much, gone were the days of having wine almost everyday courtesy of Tina or Chef Gene in Cafe Ysabel.

Thank God for Barcino. I’m going back there. Chicken livers with the Penafliel wine was good. I love it.

I want more, and I’m taking my friends there. God. I want more wine!