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7.26.09: BBQ Chicken and Southern Comfort

25 Jul

I heard about this chicken from my awesome yahoogroup mates, and I’ve always wanted to try it, but for some reason, never had the chance.

So, yehba!, they deliver and for the PG overnighter last night, we got some BBQ Chicken.

BBQ is a franchise from Korea, and it stands for Best of the Best Quality Chicken.

I really, don’t know what in particular we got, but it was very good fried chicken, smothered in rice syrup/spicy/sweet sauce that was DIVINE!

I have no idea regarding the price, but I want to go there and try it out on my own.

I might even do tom! 🙂 whatchuthink


On another note, I want to say Kudos to my friend Flory for giving us a sumptuous meal last night starring the SOUTH. We had gumbo(which suprisingly didn’t have okra) and Jambalaya, with happy homemade corn bread. Yes flowie, you can get married na!

See? Lawyers can cook!

I’m in a really happy mood, like you won’t believe. Weeeeeeee!



7.22.09: UP!

22 Jul

After much delay, the foodcart is up. It’s in the Olivarez College Compound.I’m apprehensive about it to tell you the truth, but I want to be positive, and I will continue to be positive.

Foodwise, nothing much, although Kwe and I are gearing up for the Cuenca Bazaar. Here’s hoping we score big there, and we rock and roll!

I’m going to a dinner tomorrow night in IWC again, and I bet I’m the youngest again.

Made a bridal shower happen recently for a friend. Got cupcakes from BellySweet, a homebaker from Makati, penis cupcakes, haha! pictures, when the girls post!

All in all, it’s been pretty lay low in the food side of things, but I’m hoping the Cuenca thing does wonders.

Also, I had my 27th birthday yesterday. I am 27!

3 more years and I’m 30!!



7.14.09: What’s been up?

14 Jul

Foodwise, nothing much.
We’re still in the process of putting up the franchise that we recently bought into. Here’s hoping it’s operational next week!
Fingers and toes crossed!

I went to an IWC dinner last Friday in Century Park Sheraton and we had a set dinner Lauriat style.

Lauriat Style in the simplest terms is when they keep on giving you food in your table, haha! it’s sorta like a 7 course meal family style.

Food was so-so, typical hotel food.
The only thing that got my attention was the deep fried crab salad. That was nice, I have no idea what it was called but I liked it.

Reminds me of the hot prawn salad of Zong (except of course this was Crab), rolled with batter and breadcrumbs and deepfried.

BTW, i had a terrible terrible cold after = the oil used wasn’t either corn oil, or it wasn’t new.

I know, I know, I’m maarte.
I don’t know what. haha!

I’m loving my life these days. Not as busy as last summer, but we’re getting there.

I might have a new racket.
haha! let’s see!
but alas, not food related! 🙂

7.7.09: Procrastination bug has gotten the U.C.

7 Jul

I have been bitten by the bug I’ve previously been impervious to.


I’m waiting for something to happen it seems.

Damn, I hate this as much as it’s easy to do.

Procrastination is easy on a full stomach though.. hmm…

7.5.09: Red Wine Calling

5 Jul

A bunch of us went to Embassy to celebrate a friends forray to “independence” yesterday, July 4 (yes, I know, how appropos right?)—the friend being Mia, and the bunch being Kwe, Kassy and moi.

We got there, and started the night with a free tequila shot, WOW. And proceeded to finish off two bottles of Red Wine. The wines were really nothing super special, but they did taste good and they did the trick.

The “trick” being  making us piss drunk as sailors in a port after 2 years (well in Kwe’s case.. 1 1/2 years) of no alcohol. Hahaha! The last time I was that drunk was last year—–my birthday (insert creepy flashbacks).

I wasn’t drunk that I couldn’t remember. I was just drunk enough to just laugh my heart out at every little thing, walk tipsy and say the most inane stuff, but I could still remember, which is good. Let’s just say, thank God, nobody was hurt or eherm.. molested.


So we come back to wine. I remember screw-cap (which means less quality wine) and brands/winemakers like Penfolds and something something. I wanted red wine from Wolf Blass actually, but I think Kassy picked another. We had if I remember a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon, or maybe neither. I only remember some things clearly, haha! Like someone saying “what?” “what?” and a guy saying “are you with maya? and kwe going “what’s your name??”. HAHA!

To say it was a fun night, is a HUGE understatement.

But really the point of this entry is that wine makes me feel old, because I’ve always equated wine to being old.

Having said that… I want to get drunk again on wine soon.

Okay, not as drunk as last night, but I wantey a nice buzz.

And iya just called.. Barcino’s calling!


7.03.09: Party Party!

3 Jul

It’s my birthmonth and it’s time to party y’all!
Sadly, I’m opting to deliver out instead of cooking my own treats for my birthday.

Also, I’m wishing for something this year.
Guess what it is?

Having a party, and the party’s theme is Fantabulous! haha!