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8.29.09: Tiendesitas

29 Aug

Hey, I visited tiendesitas yesterday and decided to eat somewhere other than Freska. Don’t get me wrong, I love Freska but I wanted meat!

So here it is:

Lola Diding’s

We ordered Dinuguan, liempe and ensalada. It was masarap for the price,although I got kinda weirded out that the Dinuguan kinda tasted like Squid adobo, I kid you not. It tasted like Squid Ink. I have no idea if that was their style, but it was weird though.

Archie’s BBQ

This I liked. I had tenga and isaw baboy. Tender, no gamey/unclean taste, and the bbq was sweet (Filipinos love sweet enihoo!).

Hey, which reminds me, I came from DAET last week, pictures coming up!


8.1.09: Went to a party

1 Aug

Went to a party last night with Lani Mercado. Yes, Lani Mercado. don’t ask.
I forgot to ask who the caterer was, but the food was okay.
I loved the brazo de mercedes, but instead of custard they put halaya (ube), i loved it. As in!!! πŸ™‚

weeee! I miss cooking and baking. like totally! 😦

Also went to Zenses, I didn’t make it to the nitro-coffee demo, but I made it to the ice cream. It’s my 3rd time eating bacon and egg ice cream. Doesn’t get old. πŸ™‚

I should try the nitro coffee and write about that. Soon!! weeee!

Love is in the air.
My luck is on the pits, but it’s coming back, fighting to give me the good luck I know I need and deserve. A few more weekS! yehba!