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Childhood Happy things: Kamias & Salt

21 Jan

I like sour foods. My friends usually look at me quizically when I start dumping vinegar/calamansi juice on everything from picadillo, menudo to monggo. What can I say? “Sour” things in salty things make it more palatable to me. Not saying that all my food is “maasim” or sour per se, my tongue can balance like a high-rope artist baby!- but yeah, my personal preference is very sour tastes.

So today, as a happy snack because we cut down the kamias tree of our neighbor (just the branches reaching our property), we go oodles and oodles of KAMIAS! Yummy!

close up of the kamias, ang asim!

Accdg to http://www.filipinoherbshealingwonders.com, KAMIAS’ scientific name is

Hedychium coronarium

that said, Kamias besides from being my favorite pansigang with shrimp has many healing uses. I would encourage you to visit the site to know more about it! Even I was pleasantly surpised.

English name is GINGER LILY, which I dunno about you, but it sounds very cute to me. Remind me of the name when I finally decide to open up a restaurant, the name is nice, it has the potential of you know being cute and everything.

Enihodles, I’m like a kamias naman, sour but oh so many uses. Ahehehe. So pwede.

Now back to food, our maid already made buro out of some. Burobasically means to ferment or to preserve either with alcohol, salt or vinegar. In this case, they’re using salt. So they’re going to keep in a salt-water or brine solution for at least a week, then afterwards use it as a snack, when I taste it I hope I can find some other use for it though. 🙂

The other kamias were cut into 4 lengthwise to be dried and used as paasim in sinigang. I can tell you I haven’t had sinigang that was soured by dried kamias, so I’m looking forward to it.

So, I stole about half a cup of the sliced kamias and am now snacking on it, dipping it in rocksalt. Yummy! Reminds me of some childhood memories of stealing the kamias to be used for sinigang to snack it down. I also remember eating fresh tamarind dipped in salt.

Yum! Hopefully this doesn’t ruin my appetite tonight. Well, since I’m dieting, maybe it should. But either ways, I’m enjoying my snack. So here’s what I’m eating today: