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of lease service agreements

17 Mar

I’ve been given a lease service agreement to be a chef-on-call. Although most people were like–are you okay on being a chef-on-call? They get suprised when I say that I wanted it that way.

That I have lotsa stuff to do, and I’m really really thinking that this on-call thing would be a great way to practice and improve on what I know on having to run a kitchen.

I heard they were closing a deal today, 1,000 pax about 1M total budget (location rental and food), I hope I get at least 5,000-10,000 pesos out of that ei?

here’s to happy starts.

I’ve also decided to reiterate the following to myself:

1. Bakery 33

2. Sticky rice

3. Cookieplease.com

Will make at least 3 if not all of that 3 happen this year.

I will do it! Go Chef Joko!  Most of my weekends are not available, as I’d be cooking.

As I told Mr. Sison when he interviewed me for the Heny Sison job. Working holidays and  weekends are the things I don’t enjoy, but I except. So here i am excepting.

Schedule the cebu trip! now na!


Cookie Order #1 – YAY!

30 Jan

I have to make about 150 of these:

Suffice it to say, I’m not going to earn oodles, but it’s a start. 🙂  And I’m testing this weekend, shortbread cookies. Mandy gave me a recipe i’m going to try. Yay! for chefy friends! 🙂