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3.30.09: Chateu Hestia part 2

29 Mar

Took my lolas, my sibs and my mom officially to Chateau Hestia for 1) for my mom to see the ambiance, get ideas and 2) for my lola and sibs to taste the food.

My mom told me to order light, so I just ordered two pastas and two pizzas, suffice it to say, the table was empty and they loved it.

Chateau Hestia’s always been one of those —wish I had a place like that, haha, but my dreams are more commercial, well, a little, not to say that a girl can’t absolutely fuckken dream of it, perhaps when I’m rich enough and have that little bistro thing it’ve been wanting all my life. Camown!

haha, so in memory of the great meal that we had, here’s some pictures of Hestia and osso bucco from the first time I was there last February 15 with good friends.

Things You Must Absolutely Order:
1) The two pizzas
2) Pasta di mare
3) Osso Bucco

We had carbonara and I didn’t like it, sorry, but the pasta di mare was GOOD, so good!