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6 Mar

I just realized this thing.

I don’t have endurance.

I have passion, but I don’t have endurance.

It’s a bad failing.

I will get this endurance, even if I have to kick my own butt towards my goals.


That is, I didn’t go to the final interview for the chef position. I didn’t, and it’s sad, but I didn’t.  But not because of Endurance. It was because I really couldn’t stomach working for somebody else.

Come 13, i’ll be attending a bakery management thing. I will do that. I will make my own store/thing this year. Or else.
As for the lugaw concept, it’s really this close to getting scrapped.

I have a new concept. Yun nga lang, more of money making and not artistic chuva.

I may be the APM or co-PM for UP LIVE AIDS SAMASKOM, but I’m still not sure, which. I don’t want to be PM, kasi it seems unfair to more deserving alumni and to the the org, dahil ayokong mangapa. I haven’t been to the LIVE AIDS world for a long long time. And I know I can rock, but yun lang nga, phasing.

I need a job, it seems, but hindi ko maisip kung what. Tinatamad akong magturo, kung di rin pagluluto. But then if the PM job does push through, I swear, malamang, I will be doing tutorial work in UP, just because I need to tell myself that I’m earning money.


Endurance is in.

FEARLESS nga dapat, I should have went for the PM position agad, pero it will happen, eventually.

Enihoodles. Kaya ng lahat basta sama-sama. bow.