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messing with your food

4 May

They say the path to greatness comes from experimentation. Today, I experimented with the remains of breakfast.

It showed a lot of promise, but I gotta stop using just the microwave and the oven to toaster to experiment and start using pots and pans like a normal chef. Jeez.

So here’ s what I came up and ate:

1) Raisin Bread with Softened Tomatoes, Kalamansi Soy Ramen, topped with a sunny-side egg, fresh grapes, lumpfish caviar and mayo gratin

2) Raisin Bread with Peanut Ramen Noodles with a sunny side egg

The first one actually showed some promise. The second one was so-so, but I think it would be better if I didn’t use lumpfish caviar and raisin bread. I could see it on a peace of ciabbatta actually. Hmm. and Siguro I should have cheese. Hmm. The grapes were really good with it too.

Amazing! Enihoodles. my tummy hurts a little courtesy of gerd, but everything’s good.

Didn’t take a picture because they weren’t pretty. Hmm, I need to get my camera/photographic muscles a twitchin’.