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4.3.09: Beginner’s Fondant by Chef Aggy

3 Apr

10am to 5pm in Heny Sison QC.

Was it tiring? Yes. Which tells you I haven’t had much practice being in the kitchen. I remember myself going on and on like an energizer bunny and annoying the hell out of people.

Haha, suffice it to say, I was much impressed by Chef Aggy of Aggy’s Cakes. I haven’t tasted any of her cakes except the one that we made, but what we made, was GOOD. Seriously. Good stuff.

So, in fondant class, we had to make/decorate our own fondant cakes. Everyone was doing either hat types or those things with flowers on top and ruffles.

I was like, nah, I don’t want to do it. So again, with no plan in mind, I made a wallclock, which I think didn’t need as much precision as the other decisions, but I like it that way.

I need practice. But I think the way that this medium does get me to test out crazy ideas. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the more crazy I get that the more I get to figure out what I want.

PS. Last night I was all, I don’t think I can do this ferr real to my sister. Maybe you can do it because you’re artistic etc. Today, I’m all I’ll prolly be good at it if I stick to it. Amazing even, papaturo na lang ako sa iyo! –> this said to my sister. See? All it takes is a change of perspective.

Awesome? Awesome!
Here’s pictures!

Tic Toc that's my clock!

Tic Toc that's my clock!