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On top chef Season 3, Hung on Hung.

27 Jan

I don’t think he’s arrogant. He just knows that he’s good.

I wish I had knife skills half as good as his. I only learned to peel about 2 years ago. Actually, I just learned to cook 2 years ago. And yeah, I’m going to get there, eventually. 😛

I can also relate to Hung because as much as he won stuff, he lost a lot as well. Haha, my culinary school journey was like an unending rollercoaster. Ahaha, much like my life actually


I can also relate to the fact that people hate him for being arrogant. People have hated me for being arrogant. What can I say? It’s not really arrogance. I swear, half the time, I don’t really feel/see half the people around me. I have my own little world. [My sister calls it selective hearing/sight.] I basically like to exist in my world and in my world, I am queen. So maybe I’m arrogant in my world, and maybe it rubs people the wrong way, but I don’t get off trying to foist my superiority over anyone. [I really don’t, unless extremely provoked.]

Dude, I know who I am, what i’ve done and what I can do. If being sure about that means you’re arrogant. Then I am.

I am living and have lived a very cool life. It’s not been as easy as you think, but it’s been good. And I have no apologies for being myself. I just am.

So basically this post is all about me, and not about Hung.

Just kidding.

More than anything else. Hung is my own personal proof/hero that even when people hate you and wish for your downfall ,staying true to yourself, changing for the better and being absolutely sure about what you want will make you a winner in the end.

Fearless baby! Be Fearless.

This just in. I am in tremendous crush with Rocco Dispirito, almost made me want to be an intern IF he had a restaurant. Which he doesn’t. Which means the universe doesn’t want me to be an intern. Ahaha.

Getting out of that cable car, was like.. jeeeeezzus, he’s hot!

Enter Avril Lavigne’s song in my head : You make me so hot!

Seriously, Bobby Flay used to be my culinary crush, seriously, rocco.. i drool. ahaha.

and consequently, I own about 2 cookbooks of his, and I haven’t read them yet. Hmm. maybe i’ll just stare at the pictures. “P