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2.28.09:Another One of those Defining Moments

2 Mar

I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in situations wherein I think to myself, I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

If you’ve read Prof Pausch’s book or have watched his talk online, you’d remember him talking about brick walls.

Brick walls are things that stop us from going for what we want, mainly because they are supposed to stop those who don’t really want it and let in to those who really do.

I had my share of brick walls last Saturday getting to that Pampanga food trip—from a flaker, a driver that I couldn’t use, a driver who didn’t know the location, and errands that I had to finish.

But I did go, and I enjoyed it immensely.

So the defining moment for me was in Cold Spoon and we were all talking about the next trip. I realized I feel comfortable, I love the subject, and I’m damn excited. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

And in my world, wherein it’s a constant barrage of how easy it is to just doing the easy thing and going back to the recruitment-C.O.O dom mode, these things are damn beautiful to me.

Almost as beautiful as that amazing crispy sisig we had which the tenga-eating fiend that I am, loved every morsel of, and for the first time, ISOL was a friend.

What a day, indeed.

Inkblot: I know this isn’t a typical entry to a Pampanga food tour. 🙂 I’ll make a proper one, I promise, if not soon, but surely someday.