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Quick Fix! Spam Minestrone (using Risoni!)

19 May

Spam Minestrone (using Risoni as the pasta)

–> Got back from getting my car fixed. Got new speakers! Wahaha.


1 cup tomato sauce

1 spam, with about 2 slices cut into strips and crisped up (3-4 tbps), and the rest cubed

1/2 of a white onion, chopped

4 cloves of garlic

2-3 tbps of carrots, diced

3/4 cup risoni

3-4 cups chicken stock

basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary

salt & pepper


1. In a stockpot/soup pot, add your oil and crisp up your spam. Set aside.

2. In the same pan, add butter and saute onions, garlic and carrots. Saute til onions are translucent.

3. Add your spam. Cook for 3-4 minutes.

4. Add your tomato sauce.

5. Add your stock. Wait til it boils. Season with salt, pepper, and herbs.

6. Add your risoni. Cook as per package instructions.

7. Adjust seasoning. Serve with crispy spam on top with a piece of garlic bread.

* No pictures, as it was all gobbled up. Seriously. The soup was mad great. And people who usually don’t like eating herbs, actually liked it. So kudos to my mad cooking skills. Wahehe.

I would make this again, serve it with a dollop/tablespoon of reduced cream, or a parmessan frico? Wow. ang sarap! Next time!

*Oh and I also balanced the flavors by adding some calamansi and sugar. And finish the damn thing with more butter. Ahahaha.


Shortbread cookies

9 Mar

Basically, I tested the shortbread cookie recipe that I found and tweaked. It looks good and tastes good, I have some issues with being smoother, but that’s my fault because I suck at hurriedly rolling out dough.

So here are the cookies after being baked:

Then, i made the frosting. I found this powdered sugar frosting recipe and I used it. It was okay, but was frustrating for what I had in mind. And I felt like a stupid amateur making these, gah, I haven’t frosted/decorated something for so long. I wonder if I even know how to pipe now. (No pictures of the things, because I hated them.)

I’m making royal icing next or actually for this particular project, we’ll go with a fondant, since I think I need to stamp a design onto a fondant and even royal icing wouldn’t look good with this one. Now, how to stamp…
Gah, my last foray into fondant icing was laughable. Seriously, parang kinakarir ko na itong pastry ah.

I’ve decided to sell these products, as soon as maging masipag ako enough to cost everything down.Weh, I even made a multiply blog! ahaha, dun na lang daw, although I do own http://www.cookieplease.com, but yeah, good luck.

Note to self:

March 13 is the bakery thing I’m going to attend and hopefully it will rock. Monday is the final interview for the Dasmarinas chef job, may it be flexitime and may it be Monday-Fridays only, and may the pay be good. Bala na ang batman. The universe is throwing stuff at me left and right, good thing I have big arms. ­čÖé

I’m also trying to join a writing contest, it’s frustrating the hell out of me. But hopefully may mapiga sa utak ko. It’s funny how my writing style just isn’t as coherent as it was back then. I was the queen of feature writers for a year in my district, then I sucked at regionals because I wasn’t in the mood. Gah, I need to get my groove back!

Bakasyon na!


Recipes Below:

Shortbread cookies from Best Recipes’ website



butter, softened







1 3/4


all purpose flour

Process: Mix everything up. Freeze, roll out. Bake at a 350F or 180C oven for about 8-20 minutes depending on how really frozen your dough is. * I added vanilla extract because it seems like a good idea, 1/4 tsp.

I found this frosting recipe in McCormick:

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
3 1/2 teaspoons milk
1/4 teaspoon McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
OR McCormick® Pure Almond Extract
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
McCormick® Assorted Food Colors & Egg Dye
OR McCormick® Assorted NEON! Food Colors & Egg Dye
OR McCormick® Black Food Color

Process: Basically mix everything together, until it melts and is a shiny happy thing. Add more light corn syrup if you want it runnier, or add more Powdered sugar if you want it less runny. ­čÖé

*This would be perfect for a carrot cake. Yummy!