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Shortbread cookies!

28 Mar

The start of it all.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t really thrilled with the results, taste wise.

It needs a lot. I need to get better, like sobra.

That’s why, I’m really entertaining the idea of the Maldives thing. Just because it seems like there, I can concentrate on becoming better. Like to concentrate on solely getting better at pastry/cuisine, or whatever.

Not to mention the fortuneteller did tell me that if I left the country for work, I would be like uber successful–-like the shit. Of which I really believe, I would be. But the fact of moving away from home and leaving my family and my dog is like driving me bonkers.

But if the hotel does call me, I’ll prolly give it a good question  mark in my brain and do it. I’m leaning towards it and surely it scares me shitless.

The greatest fear is that I’ll go island crazy and just I dunno jump into the ocean and swim back the Philippines kebs sa shark infested waters of the Indian Ocean.

Ahaha, hopefully, all will be better and happy and whatever. And not to mention, I believe that the salary may not be up to par. Sana, by some miracle. And I’ve often wondered why I didn’t want to go overseas. Hmm, maybe because I’m content? But I think it’s fear.

So since this is fearless year, CALL MALDIVES and LET’S GET IT ON. But I still can’t imagine New Year’s  and not cooking the dinner.

Still no  schedule yet with the culinary chuva, although I have blocked my vacation dates t May 8-11, 2008 bound for Cebu! I will so culinary tour it there, with maximum control. Seriously, the thought of the lechon de leche that my mom is currently taking home from Cebu is enough to make me vomit. And that’s why I haven’t had my dinner yet, I want to vomit with the thought of Cebu lechon (Note to all Cebuanos: I am not saying that Lechon de Cebu is not uber wow. It is. But a bad case of acid reflux after eating the lechon, has made me UBER wary, and I mean UBER.)

Pictures of the shortbread are below:

*and yes, I need help on the piping. Weh.