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Moving. Moving… HERE!

20 Jan

I’m here from moving from two other blogs. Gah, where am I going? The same place baby!

The kitchen in my head still is beating to the drum of weird. But jeez, I’m not weird, I’m gifted.

And suffice it to say in this blog, I WILL SHARE RECIPES. Ahaha, last blog was very much a picture blog. But yeah, this is a blog about my culinary journey. Suffice it to say, you all gotta know that I am an Undercover Chef. Below all this family drama, corporate slutdom, family biz COO mentality, and all that entrepreneurial drama is A CHEF.

Finding how to get to the point of becoming an EMPRESS, a HAPPY GIRL and A CHEF, is all in the works. Gawd, I wonder if my food will taste better if i’m in love.. hooha! ahahaha.

Well, 2008 is about a lot of things. But mostly it’s about being FEARLESS and growing up. and ENJOYING. Taking risks are always scary for me. I am not a brave girl. Ahaha. Joking.

I am the scariest shitface you would wish to see. People either love me or hate me, I don’t give a shit about who you are, or what you do. If I want to know you, I will know you. If I don’t, it’s not because I don’t. I just get caught up in this little bubble of happy. And believe me, people around me are happy when I’m happy.

I’m generous to a fault, and sometimes really really cranky. Okay BITCHY.

I am the undercover chef and i’m owning that. Booyah world! gar..

 Will someone tell chef heny to hire me? please??????