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Yogurt Series: Qoola

26 Feb

Qoola is the big awesome looking shop that you find between greenbelt 1 and greenbelt 3. Proudly canadian, one of my friends, Kassy loves this place. So we tramped on to Qoola to try out their flavors

What I had:

Green Tea






This place follows the concept of Tutti Frutti  or did Tutti Frutti follow their concept? I dunno. All I know is that you self-serve your ice cream, and you pick your own topping and i’s weighed. This time though from P20/ounce, it’s P50/ounce.

I paid about 150ish for my 3 servings of yogurt and granola topping.

Let’s start about granola. I love granola, btw and the best ones I’ve tasted so far are from White Hat and Red Mango and now, Qoola. Just enough crunch, nice sizes and it really tasted good.

If you’re asking me about the worst is the granola, it’s  in Lulu Belle—the pieces are too big.

The original yogurt was okay. It was cold outside but it melted pretty fast, so I guess there’s a lot of water in there, but not as much as tutti frutti thank god! I like the texture, very similar to white hat and to red mango. Taste wise, very similar to white hat.

For the other flavors, the raspberry was sour, like how it should be. Still the biggest fan of boysenberry from Golden Spoon though.

The Green Tea was my favorite. It tasted so good. Almost bordering on a fruity taste, but not quite. I will come back for that and that alone.

The other flavor that I didn’t taste was the White Chocolate Macadamia, but I actually came back the next day and a friend ordered that so I had a taste of it. It tasted like smoky chocolate. The macadamia had a nutty aftertaste (duh.) but I didn’t get any white chocolate, so for me that was a dud.

Plus points for this place is that the service staff were very helpful, they actually explained the concept nice to the people coming in, and over all, the place is very welcoming.

Although I must say, it looks so cool that if I was a normal Joe  or Jane, I would be scared to go in. The decor looks high end, but that’s actually one of the nice things about it.

Oh, and add more tables and chairs outside, it’s greenbelt and you know how people love to smoke.

All in all, when I do hit greenbelt and I need a less fattening dessert, i’ll prolly go with Qoola.

Also, people get really scared when they see self-serve! I love it! don’t be afraid! go try it!!


Yogurt series : Golden Spoon

22 Feb

Finally got to try Golden Spoon in Magallanes with Kassy after loads of tries. .

I ordered the ff:


  • Old Fashioned Peanut Butter
  • Boysenberry
  • Old fashioned vanilla
  • Boysenberry


  • Yogurt chips – I love em, taste like chocolate
  • Cookie dough
  • Marshmallow cream


Texture wise : it’s comparable to white hat


I don”t like the peanutbutter, there is something wrong with the aftertaste. Or maybe it was the cookie dough? No i think it was the peanutbutter, it felt weird.

The yogurt chips were a revelation. I love it. Reminds me of chocolate of course, without the GERD inducing effects.

Marshmallow Cream – i really didn’t taste it much, i just tasted sweetness. Maybe I will try this again with just the old fashioned vanilla?


The service people were very nice, I asked them the best combinations and they gave me the “it depends on what you like answer” , which frankly kinda blows. I love it when service people have their own ideas on what tastes good, and even better if they say it like they really do love it. Think how the Starbucks barista’s recommend something, that way, that way is good.


The Golden Spoon does not disappoint. One of my top 3 favorite yogurts in Manila. But I must definitely taste the other flavors and toppings as well.

Golden Spoon is found in Paseo De Magallanes, beside BDO and Rustan’s

Yogurt Series: Tutti Frutti Yogurt

22 Feb

After eating a rather dissapointing takoyaki from maru-maru, I was walking by glorietta and saw a new frozen yogurt shop.

New concept, you get to choose the flavor of yogurt you want, dispense it yourself, pick and put as much toppings as you wany, and pay by the ounce, P20/oz to be precise.

So I scooted in over messed up my hands and chose about 4 flavors.

Peach, original, Strawberry and guava

Guava, really tastes like guava and it’s growing on me. I can’t imagine what topings would go along with this though, maybe nuts? Nah, still can’t imagine it. Next time around I’ll go ask.

Strawberry was tart, kinda reminded me of a more watery but more tasty version of lulu belle’s, which if u know me is my “sige na nga yogurt”

I like the original. It’s nice and tart. And nothing more to say.

Texture is pretty much watery. it melted easily, didn’t have a creamy aftertaste like for example, red mango or white hat.

The fun thing is, for 178 pesos I tasted almost all the yogurt flavors which makes it pretty rad in my book. The toppings were not really anything new. Still better than the measly offerings of some. For example, red mango.

This spot is new, there are a lot of employees who seem to be willing to please but are not really sure what to do.

Damn, the guava is really growing on me.

What I didn’t taste was almond, death by chocolate and the taro, which are very interesting indeed. I’m not sure if they change flavors everyday, but well. Maybe I’ll just suprise myself and scoot on here again.

Just heard that taro’s the bestseller, damn I should have tried that.

My suggestions to this place would be the ff:
– free handsanitizers, sticky!
– get a tv outside showing people what’s inside, in other words take a leaf out of pepper lunch’s book
– always have someone in the counter and the yogurt dispensing places to help
– and less watering down of of yo.
– and have some suggestions of combinations, for example what goes with guava froyo

Came back the same day with kasuy and tasted all the flavors I didn’t taste. The death by chocolate tasted like the hershey’s cone from ministop, ferr real.

The taro was good. I’m going back for that alone.

Tutti Frutti can be found at the 3rd flr of Glorietta 4.