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BOOK COVERS: French Women Don’t Get Fat

17 Mar

I’m late. I know I’m late.

I should have read this a long time ago.

The undercover chef is getting her sexy back. And I think I could work with this.

I’ve decided to make her leak soup this coming holyweek, just to get the whole thing going.

I like the book, because it’s about food and eating the food you want in MODERATION.

It’s all about the control.

I haven’t finished reading it. But it’s a process. I’m going through it. A few months further, I’ll tell you if it’s successful.


Book Covers: Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets

20 Jan

Here’s something I bought yesterday. Pinikit ko na lang ang presyo, the clincher was that CAFE YSABEL was featured. I saw the SOLE ROULADE and the braised veal shank featured. Ahaha, I served those dishes. So nice, I swear, made me think if I should work in some of the restaurants that were there. Just to see that food served.

 Manila's Best Kept Restaurant's FrontManila's Best Kept Restaurant Back

So talked to my mom and guess what? We’re going to two restaurants in the book every month! Even those that we’ve been to dati. Ahehe, this rocks! and i won’t have to pay for it! ahehe. 🙂

Buy the book! Even I was suprised in some of the choices, places that I didn’t know. It’s great! Let’s all be fearless and try new things this year!