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Properly Speaking

26 Feb

Here we are again, blogging about food for the nth time. I vow to make this blog at least updated once a week. I am a foodie, and foodies rule, and I can write, therefore, we blog.

Things that have been up:

–> QTV Tara Let’s Sweet Bazaar: My Company, the Manila Toffee Co. sponsored a booth and made some happy moolah. It was my first bazaar, and I think it went pretty well with people loving the chocolates and the toffees. πŸ™‚

–>Re-loved WINE again with Iya and the gang as we hit Barcino for playboy’s Wine and Cheese Party. It was good, it was awesome. We had a red wine that was a little young, ideal with my chicken livers, and it was free! So oodles of Thanks to Playboy and to Barcino!


–> PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP : Pampanga foodtrip with the froogies (which is an online yahoogroups that i’ve been a part of forever) and it’s exciting because I have never been in one. So there. All new exciting stuff.

So that’s what’s been up culinary wise in my life. What’s in store?

Here’s a hint, I’m thinking of putting up a cake shop. Eeep! I know!



21 Jan

As far being in my chef-y roots.
Here’s a quick update on what’s been up.
–> Decided to be a confectioner. Making toffee and truffles for personal consumption and for special orders only. Hopefully I can post some of the spiffy pictures, but yeah. I’ve been behind most of my schedule, which surely sucks, but yeah. There it is. Visit us at : manilatofee.multiply.com

Yesterday, almost finished a whole bottle of wine by myself. God, I miss wine. I miss it very much, gone were the days of having wine almost everyday courtesy of Tina or Chef Gene in Cafe Ysabel.

Thank God for Barcino. I’m going back there. Chicken livers with the Penafliel wine was good. I love it.

I want more, and I’m taking my friends there. God. I want more wine!

Galileo Enoteca

5 Jun

I’ve been here before. Good stuff. They still have the set meal that I love. The one that comes with a pasta, passable wine, cheese! and coffee!

I had that Set Meal with a pasta with mushrooms + a nice soup + cheese! + white wine!

My sister had Set Meal B, eggplant parmigiana + chicken + salad. She loved the salad, wasn’t too crazy for the eggplant, but I tell you it was yummy! I finished it! And she didn’t have wine, she had an italian almond drink.

So, so far, I’ve missed eating cheese. I’ve eaten in two Italian restaurants for lunch now in a row and I’m loving it. Must be all the italians I’ve met last week. Wahaha.

Ooh, I also had their AFTER EIGHT dessert. Was so-so. πŸ™‚ I want some dessert!

Suffice it to say, go try Galileo, and if you’re scared, just say SET MEAL A. πŸ™‚ okay?

AND.. ENOTECA means WINE SHOP. just as an added information. πŸ™‚

The ricotta was nice. πŸ™‚ The Grano Padano was so-so. And PS. I saw A SANTI’S DELI / CAFE! We gotta try that out! Hopefully Cafe Juanita tom! Yay!

Galileo Enoteca is found along Calbayog St. In Mandaluyong.

From Shaw Blvd, turn right on Samat, Turn Left on Calbayog, to your left. bow.