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The still to be revised plan that’s brewing

24 Apr
  • Going to the J1 route. Will be applying this May only, hopefully I will get in and spend the next year working/training in the states.
  • APTMINDS – Aprons for sale! Hopefully we can join that bazaar in May.
  • As you know, I’m the part-time chef for a club in Dasmarinas. For some reason, they stopped calling me. Shows a little bit of unprofessionalism in their part, as I was blatantly honest about what I wanted to do and the schedule that I could commit. I think they wanted a chef/sales person, and as I didn’t want to sell anything, I was put out to pasture without any words at all. Annoying as I was looking forward to cooking a bunch this summer.
  • After May 11, I’m going to apply for a sideline job hopefully teaching english to koreans or teaching something. The ideal would be for me to teach cooking, but how many openings are there? Well, I can always try and offer my services to my highschool alma mater? Right? Right?
  • Come June, all bets are off, and I’m going straight entrepreneurial whether it be food or for something else, todo na talga ito. If I can make http://www.baniokreekfarms.com a success, I can do it. Kebs na sa lousy economy, if you have a good product, you will survive, or if not (which I highly doubt) we can always chuck it to experience.
  • I’m giving the universe and me a deadline, because I need to get a moving. Seriously, I gotta get a moving.

And I realized that all my certificates (Mandarin, commercial baking, etc, etc are all missing. Good luck. I gotta find them!